About Us

Founded in 2010, Heartland Oxygen Systems LLC is a Kansas City-based small business that was formed as a spin-off of Adaptive Ozone Solutions Inc., with an initial focus on building oxygen generators for veterinary clinics. We saw an opportunity to build a better oxygen system, one that is built for performance and longevity and leverages green technology. Our systems were built with safety features and redundancies to allow for easy maintenance without a complete system shutdown.

Heartland’s early years were spent in a small corner of a customer’s workshop located in Merriam, Kansas. Over the years we have grown and relocated from Merriam to Shawnee to Overland Park, Kansas. Today we operate in a 10,000 sq.ft. facility in Overland Park and will soon expand to 14,000 sq.ft. Being centrally located, we are well-suited to service the U.S. and North America.

We are called Heartland Oxygen Systems because we take pride in our home and our culture. We believe in kindness and treating people with equity. It is important to do business locally and support small businesses whenever possible. With today’s technological advancements, more and more commerce is conducted electronically, but we strive to still make personal connections and to do business with a handshake.

As a company, we have more than 30 years of experience in oxygen and ozone with a primary focus on veterinary, wastewater and aquaculture applications. We are thankful for the great success we’ve had in these existing markets and are actively researching and vetting opportunities in additional markets that will allow us to take further advantage of the vast potential that oxygen and ozone provide as green technologies. 

Learn More About Our Team

Derek Eltiste

Derek Eltiste

President & Owner


Born and raised in the Kansas City metro, Derek attended Rockhurst High School and Kansas State University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics with a minor in accounting. Following his time at K-State, Derek went to work for Adaptive Ozone Solutions Inc. (AO3) as a technician from 2007-2010. During his years with AO3, he learned the intricacies of oxygen and ozone systems, primarily as treatment options for wastewater and veterinary hospitals. He became an expert on oxygen and ozone systems from beginning to end including building, testing, installing, supporting and troubleshooting post-installation, performing maintenance, and collaborating on product development.

After Adaptive Ozone Solutions closed in 2010, Dale and Derek were approached by previous customers about continuing to build oxygen systems for veterinary clinics because the systems were some of the most reliable in the marketplace. A few months later, Heartland Oxygen Systems was formed to meet this need and operated out of a small facility in Merriam, Kansas.

During Heartland’s early years, Derek also worked full-time for ProAg, a crop insurance provider, from 2010-2023. During his 13 years with ProAg, he held multiple progressive leadership positions including Claims Processing Manager, National Claims Manager and National Sales Manager. With Heartland Oxygen System’s continued growth in existing markets and prime potential to expand into additional markets, Derek decided in early 2023 that it was time to leave his enjoyable and successful career in crop insurance to pursue his dream of working for his own business full-time.

Outside of work, you’ll likely find Derek either spending quality time with his wife Grace, traveling, or out on the golf course.

Dale Eltiste

Dale Eltiste

Chief Operations Officer


Dale is from a small town in north-central Kansas and moved to Kansas City to start his professional career after graduating from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. He has over 20 years of experience designing, manufacturing and selling oxygen and ozone systems. Prior to Heartland Oxygen Systems, Dale was President/Founder of Adaptive Ozone Solutions (AO3). AO3 was reorganized in 2010 with the formation of Heartland Oxygen Systems.

Dale has held various executive positions, many with entrepreneurial companies, prior to founding AO3. Those positions include:

  • BeyondNow Technologies, Inc. – Chief Financial Officer
  • Brush Creek Enterprise Center – Executive Director
  • Innovative Material Systems, Inc. – Vice President Finance and Administration
  • Cypress Systems, Inc. – President
  • FluidSolutions, Inc. – President & Treasurer
  • Marion Merrell Dow, Inc. – Vice President Administration
  • Arthur Andersen – Certified Public Accountant

Dale enjoys finding new market opportunities and designing oxygen and ozone systems. Being able to work with his son, Derek (President and Founder of Heartland Oxygen Systems), brings him joy and pride. When not working he enjoys spending time with his significant other and playing golf.

Kaid Hommon

Kaid Hommon

Production Manager


Kaid is originally from Smith Center, KS and has lived in the Kansas City area for 20 years. He joined Heartland Oxygen Systems in 2019 after 8 years in the hemodialysis industry where he was the Production Manager for Medical Solutions International in Merriam, KS. Kaid was involved in the manufacturing and installation process for a variety of products. Kaid’s background and experience in the dialysis industry strengthened his skills to make the transition to Heartland Oxygen Systems as seamless as possible.

As the Production Manager at Heartland Oxygen Systems, Kaid helps to organize shipping schedules, track down components, and work with our vendors and customers to help facilitate any needs.

During his free time, Kaid enjoys following most of the Kansas City sports teams and playing golf.