Our systems are designed for fisheries, aquaculture and aquaponic operations. Our high-pressure oxygen systems increase dissolved oxygen (DO) in water to maximize plant and animal growth. The application is energy efficient and occupies a small footprint. We have options at the injection point to utilize either nanobubbles or microbubbles to increase the dissolved oxygen.

Heartland Oxygen Systems designs products to control dissolved oxygen in water that allows customers to customize oxygen levels that best fit their operations. Our systems can be adapted to fit any size of aquaculture application, making our system a great option for fishery or aquaculture operation.

See our Aquaculture Systems Brochure for information and sizing or contact us today for more information. 

Benefits of Oxygen Systems for Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquaponic Operations:


  • Healthier fish and plants. Increasing the dissolved oxygen content in the water supports healthier fish and plants.
  • Reduced nitrogen levels. Our systems inject much less nitrogen into the water compared to ambient air pumps.
  • Increased facility operations. Healthier fish and plants lead to faster growth rates, increasing your facility’s production capacity.
  • Cost savings. Our high–pressure oxygen systems are a cost-effective alternative to bottled or liquid oxygen.