Our systems are designed to be installed in lift stations as treatment solutions for force mains. Our high-pressure oxygen and ozone systems control and eliminate hydrogen sulfide (H2S) by creating an environment with elevated dissolved oxygen (DO) and dissolved ozone to minimize anaerobic bacteria activity. The application is energy efficient and occupies a small footprint in the lift station. At the injection point on the force main, we have options to utilize either nanobubbles or microbubbles to increase the dissolved oxygen and ozone.

Published university studies have verified that our treatment application of injecting oxygen and ozone in the force main using nanobubbles or microbubbles significantly reduced or eliminated H2S at the end of the force main. In one study with a force main that is approximately one mile in length, our system completely eliminated the H2S and showed O2 readings of 22.0%.

Heartland Oxygen Systems also designs oxygen systems to be installed as treatment solutions for dissolved oxygen in effluent. These systems are installed at the wastewater plant and can be sized to meet the needs of the facility’s output requirements.

Our systems can be adapted to fit any length of force main with varying retention periods, making our system a great option for all lift stations.

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Benefits of Oxygen Systems for Wastewater Applications:


  • Cost savings. Eliminating Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) with oxygen and ozone reduces the need for chemical treatment, saving your organization money, labor and time by not having to purchase, store or transport chemicals.
  • Greater plant capacity. Increasing the dissolved oxygen in sewer mains reduces the load on the plant.
  • Fewer byproducts to remove. With an increase in dissolved oxygen and thus less need for chemical treatment, there are less chemical byproducts that must be removed from the wastewater at the treatment plant.
  • Higher quality of plant output. The water being returned back to nature from the plant is of higher quality due to the increased dissolved oxygen content of the water.
  • Less frequent maintenance of the plumbing network. The rate of corrosion occurring on mains and manholes is slower due to the elimination of hydrogen sulfide.