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Heartland Oxygen Systems designs and manufactures oxygen and ozone systems for commercial and industrial applications. Our markets include wastewater treatment, aquaculture and aquaponics, and veterinary clinics. We also manufacture small ozone systems for water purification and odor abatement.

Proudly located in America’s heartland, we offer high quality products and dependable customer service.

System Applications

At Heartland Oxygen Systems, we offer oxygen and ozone solutions for a variety of applications.  

Oxygen systems for wastewater applications


Oxygen systems can be used in wastewater applications to support the growth of aerobic bacteria, which break down organic matter in wastewater. These systems increase the dissolved oxygen levels in the wastewater, facilitating the bacterial degradation process and ultimately leading to cleaner, safer water for communities and their inhabitants.


 Oxygen systems are used in aquaculture to provide sufficient oxygen levels for fish and other aquatic organisms to survive and thrive. These systems typically involve the use of diffusers or aerators to introduce oxygen into the water, and can be adjusted to maintain optimal oxygen concentrations for specific species and environmental conditions.

Oxygen Systems for Veterinary application


Oxygen systems play a critical role in veterinary hospitals and clinics by providing a reliable and constant source of oxygen to assist with animal respiration during surgeries, emergency procedures, and other treatments. These systems are essential for ensuring the safety and well-being of animals in need of medical care.

Available Systems

Heartland Oxygen Systems provides a variety of different options of systems to meet the unique needs of our clients. Learn more about the different sizes and setups available.

Why Choose Heartland Oxygen Systems?

First-Class Customer Service:

    • We are invested in our customers’ success and satisfaction.
    • Customer service is a cornerstone to our business; we respond to calls and emails within 1 business day or sooner.

Scalable Products:

    • Our oxygen systems are designed to scale from 6 LPM to 180 LPM and can be easily integrated to fit your needs.
    • We have designed our oxygen and ozone systems to produce up to 165 PSI, which allows for greater solubility in water or wastewater.

Proven Applications:

    • Our wastewater application has been verified with published studies from 2 separate universities proving the elimination of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in wastewater using oxygen and ozone.
    • Oxygen and ozone are natural gasses and can reduce or otherwise eliminate need for chemical applications. This green technology is not only good for our planet but more efficient than harsh chemicals.
    • Our oxygen generators are a safer alternative to bottled or liquid oxygen.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

    • The return on investment for our systems is often short, enabling your company/organization to utilize financial resources more prudently.
    • Our generators have been designed with longevity in mind. With proper maintenance, our systems are built to last.


Bob Z. – Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District

“We were adding a chemical called by boxide to a lift station that has approximately 400,000 gallons a day of sewage to eliminate hydrogen sulfide at the end of the force main. Dale and his company came in and installed an ozone machine and it has been working perfectly with routine maintenance and eliminated the use of this chemical at approximately 4 dollars per gallon. Trips to this lift station to add this chemical daily was now eliminated.”

Gerry D. – City of Manhattan, KS

“[…] Since the pure oxygen system was installed the City of Manhattan has had zero odor complaints from this force main. The pure oxygen system is easy to operate, and maintenance is easy as well. The unit does not use any chemicals like many other odor control systems and because it is an oxygen system it can be mounted inside of a lift station with a minimal footprint as long as fresh air is provided to the unit and cooling provided.”

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